North India Tourism – North India Travel Destination’s Guide

India is most beautiful continent on earth. It is not only a country but it is blessed with all types of landscapes, cultures, traditions and people. India has so much to offer for people who want to travel in India.

There are many destinations in India that are unforgettable but the north India tours are the best part that I found when traveling in India. The north India destinations are full of moisture and rainy weathers that makes your journey more pleasant when you roam in north India. The north India tourism has numerous hill stations spots that all are completely blessed with beauty, culture and traditional foods.

You can enjoy the camel ride in great Rajasthan of north India with most amazing traditional Rajasthan kingdom hotels that are built with royalty and pride. The Rajasthan is one of the best north India travel destinations.

The hill stations of Himalayas in north along with the cultural and modern life of cities situated with the mountains of Himalayas will provide you the soothing weather that you always wish to find while traveling in any part of the world. North India tourism is blessed with beautiful weather. North India tours provide you with the cheap shopping offers. You can do shopping with open heart because the products are very cheap in north India especially the hand made crafts and clothes are best to buy from north India travel destinations.

The fairs and festivals of north India are very unique. In north India festivals, you can see the cultural effects of people living in Himalayas cold mountains to the people of dessert Rajasthan at one glance. This is the best part about the north India tourism and north India tours provides you with the ever lasting impressions of natural and creative beauty. The Jammu and Kashmir of north India is the pride land of nature’s beauty. The Kashmir is so beautiful that you can not see any thing else on the world except for the beautiful landscape in Kashmir. Every landscape gets different after covering a small distance and that is the most admiring thing I found about the north India travel destinations.

New Delhi the capital of India is located in north India. It is home of the democratic people and offers a wide variety of political works and city life. But between the cities are the beautiful historic monuments built by the Mughal emperors in eighteenth and nineteenth century. The north India tourism will provide you offer to see every thing from desserts to hills, from villages to cities at single location. The golden triangle tour to north India is best thing to see while traveling in north India. It is always the site that all tourist wishes to see. But you have to set the time for visiting the golden triangle. Try to visit the place in cooler weather from October to March. Otherwise, the weather is hotter and you can not enjoy your trip at best while doing north India tours.

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Alexa Kari is an associate author for India travel guide. The Uttaranchal state is an ideal destination for tourism in north India.

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